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HUM K.Orlikowski

[Poland]Urea N46 (CIF ASWP)

Urea N46 to fertilization all kinds of plants on different kind of ground. To start cooperation LOI and BCL is needed. Samples on request.[...]


[Poland]NPK Fertilizers for sale

NPK with content described below: NPK 26-7-7 (mix) NPK 8-20-30 NPK 8-15-30 NPK 16-16-16 NPK 10-19-25 B. NPK 6-26-30 (mix) NPK 5-21-36 (mix)[...]


[Poland]BIOJODIS instead of manure

BIOJODIS – liquid organic specimen improving properties of soil, which makes easier the plant to absorbe the mineral components. It is produced on base of the extract of the liquid biohumus, improved with the active iodine with biotransformators and microelements. The technology of production of the liquid biohumus and the concentrate of the liquid iodine is patented. It is the one such specimen on maket in Poland. The active iodine in it acts as a peculiar sterylisator and catalyst, because[...]


[Poland]Ekosłoma - agent for mineralization of straw

Ekosłoma - agent for mineralization of straw on stubble field. Specific can be used to mineralize everything what is left over after the harvest: corn, rape, charlock, weed etc.[...]