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HUM K.Orlikowski

[Poland] BIOJODIS instead of manure

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BIOJODIS – liquid organic specimen improving properties of soil, which makes easier the plant to absorbe the mineral components. It is produced on base of the extract of the liquid biohumus, improved with the active iodine with biotransformators and microelements. The technology of production of the liquid biohumus and the concentrate of the liquid iodine is patented.
It is the one such specimen on maket in Poland. The active iodine in it acts as a peculiar sterylisator and catalyst, because the iodine is an ingredient of protein sequences of tyrosine – derivative of amino acids. The amino acids are very ingredient of plants’ proteins. Defect of one of the amino acids leads to disturbance in the vital actions of the plants and it both it causes difficulties in absorbing the nutritious components.
The full complex of the microorganisms which are ingredients of the extract of liquid humus influence on supplement of the biological chain in soil.
The active iodine strengthens the immunological system of the plant and it helps in protection from diseases.
It influences on development of the roots system, and because of that a plant becomes more resistant to unfriendly atmospheric conditions. The intensive growth of arable plants permits to win the competition with weeds and because of that, You can decrease doses of herbicides of 20 %. Properties of the iodine help to transform and to aid the fungicydes. Thanks to it You can decrease doses of fungicydes without changing their effectiveness. The BIOJODIS has a similar structure to composition of manure. It is absorbed by every plants, and effects of this You can see in term of 7 – 10 days from the day of first using. The specimen obtained good marks in tests carried out by Institutes of Science, and it has a good opinion in the midst of producers. It brought very good effects in production of broccoli, cauliflower, onion, beet, carrot, potatoe, corn, rape, tomatoe, cucumber, apple orchard, cherry orchard, strawberry, where the cropes have grown for 15 – 20 %, in case of leguminous plants for 40 %, in case of sunflower for
25 % and in case of tomatoes of 20 %.

It is recommended to use the BIOJODIS to the following crops: vegetables, orchards, crops, herbs, flowers, glasshouses and in tunnels to watering and fertigation.
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